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I’ve heard pretty much no good things about Blood Drive since it came out. Was my prophecy correct?

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Don’t make a girl a promise if you know you can’t keep it.

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Those ratings can’t be trusted because they gave Book of Shadows a score over 3.

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The Japanese reviews for Corpse Party: BloodDrive has been released, see how it compares to the other games below!

Ratings from Famitsu:

  • Corpse Party BloodCovered …Repeated Fear (PSP) = 7/7/7/7 (28/40).
  • Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (PSP) = 7/7/8/6 (28/40).
  • Corpse Party: Blood Drive (Vita) = 7/8/7/7 (29/40).

Ratings from Dengeki:

  • Corpse Party BloodCovered …Repeated Fear (PSP) = 80/80/70/60.
  • Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (PSP) = 80/80/75/60.
  • Corpse Party: Blood Drive (Vita) = Not rated yet.

Corpse Party -THE ANTHOLOGY- Sachiko’s Game of Love ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U (PSP) has not been rated.

(Sources: GAMING EVERYTHING, MeriStation, Nintendo Everything)

So is it possible for Japanese music to not follow the same pattern for 90% of songs? I noticed that almost every song in Corpse Party follows the same pattern, and after I noticed that I realized that a lot of other Japanese songs are the same:

1 - Instrumental intro
2 - Vocals #1
3 - Chorus #1
4 - Vocals #2
5 - Chorus #2
6 - Instrumental solo
7 - Chorus (Sad sounding)
8 - Chorus #3
9 - Instrumental outro

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The amount of not caring I have for Blood Drive is kind of depressing.

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Episode 1 of Tokyo Ghoul was pretty good. Thank Crom there’s something good to watch this season.

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not even tokyo ghoul?

I’d never even heard of it until I saw a few posts about it on here. I’ll probably give it a shot tomorrow. 

I really hope I like it because Free! and SAO 2 aren’t my ideas for a fun season.

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There’s no anime I’m all that interested in this season.

I don’t even know what to do anymore.

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