shiningshady replied to your post “Out of all the RPGmaker games they choose Ao Oni, one of the least…”

I would’ve been happier with Ib tbh.

That would have have been a much better choice. Ao Oni barely has a story.

Out of all the RPGmaker games they choose Ao Oni, one of the least interesting ones.

Horror RPGMaker Game「Ao Oni」to get Live Action film!!




A live action film was announced for the popular horror rpgmaker game Ao Oni, and the film is set to hit cinemas on July 5th

The cast of the upcoming film features AKB48’s Iriyama Anna playing the female lead, as well as Suga Kenta, Jinnai Shou, Seiya, Furuhata Seika, and Ozeki Riku.

Official Site

AY Annin!


Track: Battle - Felix

Composer: Motoi Sakuraba

Aces High — Iron Maiden (Powerslave)


Aces High - Iron Maiden

My dad took me (Or should I say “Made me go”) to see Black Sabbath and it wasn’t too terrible. I was expecting Ozzy to be pretty awful but he’s still surprisingly good.

- Ozzy wan’t horrible
- I got a shirt
- Nobody spilled their beer on me this time
- There were chairs this time

- The crowd was kind of poopy
- It wasn’t Iron Maiden

My dad came over to visit and brought this handsome lad with him.

My dad came over to visit and brought this handsome lad with him.


It was never shown clearly, but what I and I think others too believe is that Naomi used Satoshi’s scrap. There was never a scene where Yuka gives her scrap to Satoshi and possibly, it was taken by Sachiko along with her eye. This is all inference though, as a similar event also happens in BoS. The talk about Yuka’s scrap is probably to fool Naomi’s doubts whether it’s not Satoshi’s scrap and he’s put himself to danger by giving it.

Also, Satoshi most probably used Kizami’s scrap, as implied by the ID left behind when they did the ritual, which was Kizami’s. 

Ah that’s right. I was remembering it wrong, my bad.


It’s mostly questions branching from what will happen if the wrong scrap is used in doing the ritual? 

Does the person get sent to the place where the scrap’s been used?

Could Satoshi simply have been in Byakudan, seeing as his arms made it, so he must have been transported somewhere. The arms could have came with Naomi and Ayumi since they held hands together and when they had to be transported to different areas, they got ripped off.

And to expand on using scraps:

  • Is using a dead person’s scrap dangerous, regardless of which charm it came from?
  • Or is it simply, using a scrap coming from a different charm.
  • Also, an even bigger headache is once these two conditions are combined, which was the case for Satoshi. He has used a scrap from a different charm AND it came from an already dead person.

Hm. Well I doubt we’ll ever get answers for those.

However, while I don’t remember much from TS, I do vaguely recall Naomi using Yuka’s scrap? Yuka was dead at that point, yet Naomi made it back, so doesn’t that answer the first bullet point?